!Excuse me sir, we are not sheep

‘‘The Flash Class began, as usual. And the objections began, as usual at the first and second sessions.

–    ‘‘It’s so hard, sir!’’
–    ‘‘Impossible! After all, can you solve them yourself, as you expect us!’’

‘‘Was the teaching weak?’’, I asked.

–    ‘‘The drills are bad, sir. They’re impossible!’’


I gathered them together.

‘‘Your mind is a one thousand skyscraper. Why do you hide yourselves in its basement? Do you fear of vertigo? You fear of elevation?’’, I asked.

–    ‘‘No, sir. But you expect us to build a race course full of running cars, as you know this is the second

session! You expect our cars take part in the race! Nope! We’re not equal to the task.’’

‘‘Where is your bravery?’’, I asked. ‘‘I’ve told you all the details. Now, you assemble them. It is possible with a bit of fantasy.’’

No, it was not possible.

They began to practice impatiently and they began to object loudly.

–    ‘‘No, it isn’t! You demonstrate it first. All of our teachers do them themselves and then we do like’em.’’
–    ‘‘After all, can you solve them yourself?’’

I gathered them together, again.

‘‘What do you want?’’, I asked.

–    ‘‘Please solve an easy drill, first; then, if somebody can do another one like it, you point him.’’


–    ‘‘Sheep!’’

–    ‘‘Excuse me?’’
–    ‘‘Sheep!’’
–    ‘‘Excuse me?’’
–    ‘‘Sheep!’’
–    ‘‘Sheep?’’
–    ‘‘Haven’t you seen sheep? If you put some grass in front of it, it began to eat! It is not the person of art, nor elegance, or thought! It is always waiting for grass to eat! Again, and again, and again. The sheep eats anything you feed, till the butcher comes and slaughter this artless and thoughtless animal!
But lion! It practices from its childhood! Practices! Practices! Its dad wrestles with him. He throws it down! He stricts it! He puts him in difficult situations! He lets him to decide himself! Himself! By himself! And then the baby lion becomes a lion!
–    Now, those who want to receive sheepish drills, stand this side; and those who want to be a lion, stand here!’’

The class got calmed and I was waiting. The space of the sheep was empty. All of them were lions, fortunately. They began to wrestle with Flash. And then, they start to solve it, one by one. First, the brave ones, then the curious, and then the anxious ones. Step by step, they began to peep each other. They learnt from each other. They got each other’s hands and they went up floor by floor. Up and upper. They cross the clouds. They cross the teacher, the class, the Flash. The cross the …. They found another ego in themselves.

I smiled, as usual. The baby lions learn to be a lion, as usual. They threw away the sheep clothes. They threw away the imitation. They became themselves. They found themselves. They enjoyed a lot. They found out they are themselves and their work is theirs. They don’t imitate again. They were full of joyness. …. I was full of joyness, too. As I saw these young baby lions. By the way, what did Da Vinci say? ‘‘Bad for the student who doesn’t overtake his or her teacher.’’

‘‘Well, wanna practice like me?’’, I asked.

‘‘Excuse me sir, we are not sheep! ’’, they replied. ‘‘We are baby lions. We want to practice like ourselves.’’

All of them laughed.

‘‘Come on, you baby lions! ’’, I said. ‘‘It’s time to practice.’’

The class was over, as usual. As I expected it. With no fear, but full of passion and joyness, full of hope, full of bravery. With no sheep, full of wish, knowing, and ability. .Thank God! Thank you so much






Mehrdad Amouzegar

Photographer: Hamid Hosaini


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  1. الهام عطا ئیان says:

    متن بالا خیلی جالب بود. در ضمن جناب آموزگار در طول این دوره مهارت تدریس در دبیرستان محمودیه کلاس شما ماندگارترین کلاس در ذهن من است. واقعا بعد از اتمام کلاس روز ۵شنبه از نشستن یک روز کامل پشت اون صندلی ها راضی بودم.دیگر کلاسهای این دوره حرف چندانی برای گفتن نداشتند. نمیدونم گفتنش اینجا درسته یا نه ولی انتظار من از این کلاس ها بیشتر بود ولی در سطح خیلی پایینی ارائه شدند. فراگیران فوق العاده مدرک گرا و مسئولین به انتقادات بی توجه بودند. ممنون از اینکه به درد دلم گوش دادین. سعی میکنم بیشتر با سایت تون در ارتباط باشم. با آرزوی موفقیت

    با سلام و درود بر شما همکار گرامی
    این شما هستید که با هنر و توانمندی های بی پایان خود باید همه ی جاهای خالی را پُر و سطح دانش و فرهنگ را بسیار بسیار بالا ببرید.

    این حس را با خود داشته باشید.
    این حس را به خانواده ببرید.
    این حس را با خود به کلاس درس ببرید.
    آینده در دستان شماست!
    آینده ای سرشار از پیروز و سربلندی
    برای شما و سرزمین پر گوهرمان، ایران
    پیروز باشید و سربلند

  2. آرمان says:

    سلام استاد گرامی
    مطلب بالا بسیار جالب و خواندنی بود . راستش یاد جلسات کلاس محتوای الکترونیک خودمان با شما افتادم .اولش برامون خیلی سخت بود ولی باور کنید شما به ما یاد دادید با اعتماد به نفس و ایمان به توانایی ها و جستجو برای کشف راه حل ها می توان کارهای بزرگ کرد .

    • مهرداد says:

      سلام و درود به دوست گرامی
      سرزنده و پاینده باشید.
      بزرگترین ارزش این تکنیک در حس خودباوری و اعتماد به نفس است که در آموزش های کهنه جایگاهی ندارد.
      امیدواریم روزی کاوشگری و پردازش جای کپی محتوا در مغز را بگیرد.
      به گفته ی مولوی:
      آب کم جو تشنگی آور به دست/ تا بجوشد آبت از بالا و پست

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